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Mozart's Last 8 ランキングTOP10 Piano Concertos Blu-ray 訳あり品送料無料

Mozart's Last 8 Piano Concertos [Blu-ray]


Mozart's Last 8 Piano Concertos [Blu-ray]


In the years 1986-89 the Grammy Award winning pianist Daniel Barenboim, long known for his Mozart interpretations, turned his attention to Mozart's last 8 piano concertos with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, as both conductor and soloist. The music of Mozart has quite literally been an essential driving force of Daniel Barenboim's entire life. It remains central to his performing career both as a pianist and as a conductor.=These illuminating performances of Mozart's last eight great piano concertos admirably demonstrate Barenboim's dictum that even when a true musician has already performed a familiar work hundreds of times, he or she 'never accepts that the next note will be played the same way as it was played before.' This exceptional production, shot on 35 mm film which has been digitally remastered and meticulously restored to an intensive and high-quality level of both audio and video, was directed by George Moorse, Jean-Pierre Ponnelle and Klaas Rusticus.

Mozart's Last 8 Piano Concertos [Blu-ray]



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